Create A Better Environment For Your Employees, Customers & Your Business

Clean floors create an attractive space for employees and facility visitors. On the other hand, ugly stains, spots and dirty flooring send a negative message about your business. Soiled interiors can contribute to poor employee attitudes and reduce productivity. They can also lower your profitability, even if other aspects of your business are top notch.

Also, beyond what people see on your carpet is what they can smell and breathe. Poorly maintained carpets are notorious for retaining dirt, odors, allergens and cleaning chemical residue. But, properly cleaned carpets reduce the potential for IAQ (indoor air quality) issues and can contribute to a healthier interior.

Clean carpets are not only better for people, they’re better for the environment. With proper maintenance, carpets can last longer, which means they need to be replaced less often. And that reduces the need to consume new fossil fuel raw materials.

Commercial Flooring Maintenance Services help you keep your carpets cleaner, longer — for floors that are an asset to your business, your employees, your customers and your community.


Tip Of The Day

“Did you know that there are two types of soiling — dry and oily — that can damage your carpet? While dry soil can be vacuumed away, oily dirt needs to be chemically neutralized first.”


Trained & Certified Professionals Are In Charge.

Every Commercial Flooring Maintenance Professional is trained and certified by StarNet—North America’s largest and most experienced group of commercial flooring contractors— to provide unparalleled knowledge and service. Our highly skilled and motivated team is devoted to keeping your space looking its best. We get to know the details of your facility and stay on top of your maintenance needs.

  • We develop a customized program that identifies your problem areas and addresses them as part of your total service package.
  • We create a facility binder that tracks the areas we’ve cleaned and helps schedule your next cleaning, so you’ll know when to expect us, and what services will be provided.

We Can Protect Your Flooring Investment.

You’ve invested time and expense in selecting and installing a carpet that enhances your interior design. It’s equally important to keep your carpet vital over time with proper maintenance, which actually costs less than replacing it. Although soiling is unavoidable, the key to carpet longevity is to remove dirt regularly before it builds up and causes irreparable damage. This requires more than just vacuuming. Our dirt-busting services include:

  • Routine cleaning
  • Periodic deep cleaning
  • Trouble spot service

Flexible Maintenance

Cleaning is based on an assessment of your facility, including traffic patterns, identification of problem areas and local soiling conditions. Plans and services are based on your facility’s budget and your expectations. Equipment and materials used are based on your floor type and age, including soft (carpet) and hard (ceramic, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood) floorcoverings.


We will deep clean your carpets on an as-needed basis to control soiling when routine maintenance is not enough. We will remove spots and repair minor damage to extend the life of your carpet.

Maintenance Consultation

We can educate your in-house or contracted janitorial staff about proper vacuuming techniques, in particular, frequency, how to resolve spots, stains and problem areas, and understanding spotting kit chemistry. We can assess your current carpet to advise you about its remaining service life, and/or if your carpet should be replaced.

Emergency Service

Our rapid response to spills of any size or type is second to none.


Get The Most Options And Best Service—Guaranteed.

Commercial Flooring Services brings to you both objective advice and unbiased recommendations.

  • We have the flexibility to network with any mill and any cleaning product manufacturer
  • We have relationships with all the nation’s major carpet manufacturers and maintenance suppliers
  • We know and understand multiple carpet brands, construction methods and fibers
  • We always use the most appropriate maintenance procedures, equipment and cleaning products

So, no matter who made your carpet or when it was installed, we have every floor in your facility covered.


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Can we interest you in a free flooring assessment? Regardless of who installed your floor, we want to take care of it. Our lifetime interest in your satisfaction ensures that your floor looks good today and that it will keep looking good for years to come. It’s part of our commitment to single-source responsibility and one-stop service.


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